Visa For Americans, Canadians, British

Visa For Americans, Canadians, British

What US, UK and Canadian citizens need to know about the Iran visa process

It is absolutely possible to travel to Iran as an American, British or Canadian passport holder, however, the visa process will take a little bit more time than other nationalities as it is subjected to specific rules and procedure.


What would be the difference anyway?

The difference is that American, British, and Canadian passport holders cannot travel independently to Iran. Citizens of these three countries should be part of a tour with a fixed itinerary accompanied by an MFA-approved guide which should be requested from a valid tour company. On a brighter note, you will still be able to negotiate every aspect of your travel to customize your visit.


When to apply for Iran visa?

It is required to apply at least three months before the departure date. The visa procedure in itself usually takes four to six weeks. When travelers have obtained their reference code through their guide, they must approach the Iranian embassy in their country within a month to get their visa. Then, travelers who have obtained their visa at the embassy have 90 days to enter the country.

Iran Visa for US, UK and Canadian citizens will issue after a two-step process:

Step 1:

Once you’re booked on a trip, you can complete and submit an application online for the authorization code. An authorization code for the visa must be issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Travelopersia will help facilitate this process.

Step 2:

You should apply for your visa with your nominated Iranian embassy within 30 days of receiving your authorization code. Some consulates may have different requirements, so we recommend checking before submitting your visa application.

Following these simple steps, visitors from America, Great Britain and Canada can enjoy their trip to Iran. They are welcomed with open arms by Iranians who deeply love those three countries, and will be eager to exchange with travelers.

Requirements for getting an authorization code are as follow:

  1. Complete the online visa application form, Click here
  2. Scan of Passport with at least 6 months validity
  3. Personal photo in passport size
  4. A professional resume Including Academic Records, Careers, and Interests
  5. Specified itinerary such as exact time of arrival & departure, place of residence, attractions to be visited and routes to be traveled.
  6. A personal information document (with name, birth date, etc.)
  7. Sending the links and information of all your social media networks


How to apply your Iran Visa?

To get your Iran visa please go through the getting Iran visa steps and send us your resume containing your education, occupation and contacting information. For your convenience, we will do the rest.

All you need to do is fill out the application form and submit it to the same Iranian Embassy consulate you have chosen to apply for a visa. Then you have to wait until they summon you. The tricky part of this process is obtaining a license number, which usually takes 60 to 90 business days. Once you get this number, getting a visa from the Iranian Consulate is almost certain within 2 to 3 days.

Congratulations you received your Visa grant notice!

The visa authorization code acts as an approval for your visa application and once it has been issued, it will only be valid for 1 month. All that needs to be arranged by you are just the logistics of passport deliveries to/from the embassy/consulate with the required documents,

In addition to your passport, the following will also be needed:

Pick up the visa from the chosen consulate or embassy listed on your application and present the documents mentioned below

  1. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. Completed Visa application form provided by the embassy or consulate, signed by applicant
  3. Two color personal photo in passport size with a white background and not older than 6 months
  4. A printout of your Visa grant notice
  5. Resume (Educational, occupational and Residential background)
  6. The chosen itinerary (in case of Tourist Visa)
  7. Travel insurance, Buy Now


How much does it cost to take Iran Visa?

Visa stamp fee, which is payable to the Iranian embassy. The fee is about 50 euros for Americans, 60 euros for Canadians and 180 euros for British citizens.

For Citizen of UK

  • For citizen of UK Visa posted in 7-10 days – you will need to provide a self-addressed, special delivery envelope. You can purchase this at the Embassy for £8.00 per envelope
  • £250.00 per person for same day pick-up (pick-up 4pm-5pm only)


Where to collect your Iran Visa?

British citizens can apply to the embassy located in London. However, there is no Iranian embassy or consulate in North America. Thus, both Americans and Canadians must approach the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC, which holds an Iranian section issuing visas. It’s possible to do the process at distance and send the documents and passport via a secured mail delivery system. Also, you can obtain your visa from the Iranian Consulate abroad. Just specify the consulate location when requesting a authorization code. Find Iranian Embassies & Consulates.

NOTE: It’s highly recommended to call the Iran Interests section of the Embassy to verify the instructions you read here as things may change.

Iranian Embassy in London, United Kingdom
16, Prince Gate, London, SW7 1PT United Kingdom
+44 (20) 72254200
+44 (20) 79381615 Section

+44 (20) 72253000

Pakistan Embassy in Washington, USA
3517 International Court NW, Washington, DC 20008.
+ (202)-243-6500
+ (202)-686-1534 Section

+ (202)-243-3267


  • For UK-based clients, at the current time, the London Consulate requires you to go in person once your authorization code has been received.
  • The consulate is open between 2 – 5pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday for visa applications, however we recommend arriving early around 1-1:30pm to join the queue to ensure you are seen.
  • We have been told that registered envelopes (to return your passport with visa to you) as well as same day service – both at additional cost – are now available but this has not yet been verified.
  • Please mention that the interest section does not occasionally reply to emails and phone calls.
  • It has been advised that ladies should take a headscarf to wear in the consulate.


Iran Visa Processing Timeline

All times are approximations and may vary in practice.

When booking, Travelopersia will require the documents to get Visa authorization code (for UK/US/Canadian passport holders).

3 months prior to trip departure, Travelopersia will apply for your visa authorization code via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran.

Approx. 1 – 2 months prior to trip departure, Travelopersia will email you with your visa authorization code and the next required steps.

Within 1 month of receiving your visa authorization code, you will need to visit your local consulate/embassy to obtain your paper visa.


Good to Know

  • Contrary to popular belief, visa application for Iran for Canadians, Americans and the English is not complicated.
  • Getting an Iran visa for US citizens is partly simple but have a time-consuming process. Due to government regulations, the Iran visa process is long. So, the process may take 60 to 90 days.
  • The citizens of Wales, Scotland and Ireland are exempt from this regulation.
  • Supporting documents must also be provided when applying for an Iran visa.
  • Once you get Visa grant notice, getting a visa from the Iranian Consulate is almost certain within 1 to 10 days.
  • The Visa authorization code is valid for one month, it means that you need to collect your visa within a month.
  • Iran visa is valid for 3 months and at the end of these three months it is not possible to extend the visa.
  • Some embassies hassle travelers with extra requirements for these nationalities, try to find out in advance.
  • Ladies are not required to wear a Head Scarf/Islamic Hijab on the ID Photo to apply their Visa.
  • American, British and Canadian citizens can travel to Iran Free Zone without visa for 14 days.
  • The American, the British and the Canadian passport holders cannot get the visa on arrival, they can apply for the visa beforehand and visit Iran only within a guided tour which is requested from a valid tour company.
  • If you have dual citizenship from America and another country which is in the list of less restricted places like Australia, you do not need to mention your American passport. You can easily apply for a Visa on Arrival at the airport.
  • Since having the stamp which shows you have traveled to Iran in your passport can become an issue for some countries, the authorities at the airport will give the stamp on a separate document to prevent any problems for you in the future.
  • Iran has no longer any embassy or consulate in the USA; however, if you want to collect your visa in your country, you can go to Iran’s interest section at the Pakistan embassy in Washington DC or Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New York.


Getting an Iranian visa @London consulate – Guests experience on Trip Adviser


Reference Resources:
Iran Interests Section – Website
Iran Interests Section instructions – PDF
Information about the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Wikipedia

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