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Despite all the negativity surrounding Iran, traveling to this country has become less difficult in the past few years and the Iranian government has made some enormous changes to the laws concerning traveling and tourism in hope of attracting more incoming travelers to the mysterious land of Persia and showing off its ravaging history and sights. We collect the important thing you must know about Iran Visa on Arrival in 2019, you will find out more about How to apply for it and who can get Iran visa in the airports.

Iran visa on arrival (VOA) or Iran airport visa, refers to that kind of Iran tourist visa received by eligible nationals traveling to Iran for tourist purpose. Iran visa on arrival usually has 30 days validity and issued at several airports in Iran. You cannot get this visa on the land borders at the moment.


Who Can’t Get Iran Visa on Arrival?

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, citizens of the all countries allowed to get on arrival except If you fall in any of the following categories, instead, you can try standard tourist visa.

  • Citizens of the US, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan
  • Diplomatic passport holders, official passport holders, and any type of passport different from a tourist passport.
  • Anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport. Do not risk your trip with VOA visa and apply for a new passport.
  • Applicants whose applications for Iran Visa have been rejected before.
  • Iranians holding foreign passports but still maintaining their Iranian nationality.
  • Journalists and reporters on a mission.


Citizens of the following countries can visit Iran without a visa:

  •  Armenia 90 days within 180 days
  •  Azerbaijan 30 days
  •  Bolivia 30 days
  •  China 21 days
  •  Egypt 20 days
  •  Georgia 45 days
  •  Hong Kong 21 days
  •  Lebanon 30 days
  •  Macau 21 days
  •  Malaysia 15 days
  •  Oman 30 days
  •  Syria* 90 days within 180 days
  •  Turkey 90 days
  •  Venezuela 15 days

* only if arriving by air straight from Damascus

NOTE: Anyone from the above countries who has plans to stay more in Iran, can go to one of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices which can be found in all the major cities and there submits their request.


What is the difference between “Visa on Arrival” and “Visa Free Entry”?

The difference is that “visa free entry” means that you can enter the Iran without a visa for a specified period of what’s usually called a ‘landing permission’, where a ‘visa-on-arrival’ means that you need a visa to enter, but can apply for and receive the Iran visa when you show up.

There’s not a huge difference between these two regarding what happens when you get to the airport, but regarding diplomacy and time/role-based restrictions, there’s a big difference.


Where to Get Iran Visa On Arrival?

VOA cannot be obtained from the land borders. Yet, it can be issued at major international Iranian airports. Here is a list of airports where you can get visa for Iran on arrival:


Requirements for Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA)

  1. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. A passport size photo to be attached to the Iran visa application form
  3. A confirmed return ticket within 30 days of entry
  4. Iran Visa stamp fee, which is payable by cash in Euro or USD at the airport, Visa fee depends on the applicant’s nationality
  5. Travel insurance Valid in Iran, Buy Now
  6. The applicants are required to submit one of the following documents:
    • Visa authorization code (*to smooth and facilitate your progress)
    • Hotel reservation voucher

NOTE: In additional, you also need to declare your trip itinerary, purpose of trip, home address, telephone number, and a valid email address in the visa application form


How to get Iran Visa On Arrival ?

Visa on arrival can be issued without any previous application. if you chose apply for your visa at airport. you select to wait at the airport while your visa application is processed. You will be issued a visa for entering Iran if your application is approved. The waiting time can be long and if your application is not approved, you will be deported at your own risk and expense. our recommendation is to apply for a tourist visa before you get to Iran.

  1. You need to refer to the Visa & Passport office which is situated before passport control gates,
  2. Complete the airport visa application form. you need to answer a few questions about your visit and if you have an invitation or not. Then, you’ll be asked to fill in some forms with routine information including your passport details, home address, job, and your address in Iran (the name and address of your first night in Iran).
    • Jobs related to journalism, blogging, social activists, etc. might face problems
  3. You might need to show a valid travel insurance coverage for Iran. Buy Now.
  4. Pay the visa stamp fee at the bank counter near the visa office. then, take your payment receipt to the visa desk and wait for getting your visa. now you can proceed to passport control gates.

Why apply for your visa in advance?

You can apply for your Iran Visa before your trip, go to the airport with the Iran Visa reference number and pick up your visa. If your application is approved, your visa issue will be guaranteed and is done in matter of minutes. This way is safer, No risk and no long waiting. This is the best option for your convenience, especially if there is no Iranian embassy located in your country.

Avoid Stress & Rejection Risk
Avoid stress and the risk of getting rejected upon your arrival, Only less than 1% of Travelopersia Appliers get rejected.
Save Time
By getting visa in advance, avoid standing in long queues for a visa, you don’t have to fill in the forms anymore at the airport.
Its Cheaper Than VOA
Your Visa stamp fee will be cheaper than VOA if you choose to pick your visa in an Iranian embassy or general consulate.

By having the authorization Code

there’s no need to wait in lines and fill the forms. All you have to do is provide the needed documents:

  1. Visa authorization code
  2. A valid passport with at least 6 months validity
  3. Travel insurance Valid in Iran, Buy Now
  4. Iran Visa stamp fee, which is payable by cash in Euro or USD at the airport, Visa fee depends on the applicant’s nationality


  • We assure you that you won’t be rejected.
  • Your Iran visa upon arrival process is faster and more convenient.
  • In case your Iran visa on arrival is rejected you will be held the responsibility for the return flight and any other costs.


How Much is Iran Visa Stamp fees on Arrival?

In order to obtain Iran tourist visa at the airport (VOA) you need to pay a stamp fee which depends on the applicant’s nationality. Following you can see the list of fees for different nationalities:

Nationality Fee/Euro Nationality Fee/Euro Nationality Fee/Euro Nationality Fee/Euro
Algeria 30 Estonia 75 Malawi 60 Senegal 50
Argentina 70 Fiji 55 Malt 75 Sierra Leone 120
Australia 145 Finland 75 Mexico 45 Singapore 75
Austria 75 France 75 Moldavia 70 Slovakia 75
Bahrain 10 Gabon 75 Mongolia 70 Slovenia 75
Belarus 25 Germany 75 Morocco 30 South Africa 80
Belgium 75 Ghana 75 Nepal 40 South Korea 50
Bhutan 30 Greece 75 Netherlands 75 Spain 75
Bosnia 50 Guinea 75 New Zealand 150 Sweden 75
Brazil 80 Guyana 60 Niger 45 Switzerland 75
Bulgaria 75 Hong Kong 80 Nigeria 55 Taiwan 100
Cameroon 60 Indonesia 45 Norway 75 Tajikistan 30
Chad 100 Ireland 75 Oman 75 Thailand 75
Chile 120 Island 75 Palestine 45 Tunisia 45
China 100 Italy 75 Panama 55 Turkmenistan 60
Croatia 50 Japan 60 Paraguay 50 UAE 100
Cuba 75 Kazakhstan 70 Philippine 55 Uganda 100
Cyprus 75 Kenya 60 Poland 75 Ukraine 80
Czech 75 Kuwait 60 Portugal 75 Uzbekistan 70
Denmark 75 Libya 30 Qatar 75 Vietnam 100
Ecuador 40 Lithuania 75 Romania 75 Yemen 40
El Salvador 60 Luxembourg 75 Russia 70 Zambia 70
Eritrea 40 Macedonia 50 Saudi Arabia 30 Zimbabwe 45


🇩🇿 Algeria: €30
🇦🇴 Angola: €85
🇦🇷 Argentina: €70
🇦🇲 Armenia: FREE
🇦🇺 Australia: €145
🇦🇹 Austria: €75
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan: FREE
🇧🇭 Bahrain: €20
🇧🇩 Bangladesh: €40
🇧🇪 Belgium: €75
🇧🇷 Brazil: €80
🇧🇬 Bulgaria: €75
🇨🇲 Cameron: €60
🇨🇱 Chile: €120
🇨🇳 China: €100
🇭🇷 Croatia: €50
🇨🇾 Cyprus: €75
🇨🇿 Czech Republic: €75
🇩🇰 Denmark: €75
🇩🇴 Dominican: €70
🇪🇬 Egypt: Free
🇪🇷 Eritrea: €40
🇪🇪 Estonia: €75
🇪🇹 Ethiopia: €25
🇫🇮 Finland: €75
🇫🇷 France: €75
🇬🇦 Gabon: €75
🇬🇪 Georgia: FREE
🇩🇪 Germany: €75
🇬🇭 Ghana: €75
🇬🇷 Greece: €75
🇭🇰 Hong Kong: €80
🇭🇺 Hungary: €75
🇮🇳 India: €90
🇮🇩 Indonesia: €45
🇮🇶 Iraq: €50
🇮🇪 Ireland: €75
🇮🇸 Island: €75
🇮🇹 Italy: €75
Ivory Coast: €60
🇯🇵 Japan: €60
🇰🇳 Kenya: €60
🇰🇼 Kuwait: €60
🇱🇧 Lebanon: FREE
🇱🇹 Lithuania: €75
🇲🇳 Magnolia: €70
🇲🇾 Malaysia: FREE
🇲🇽 Mexico: €45
🇲🇦 Morocco: €30
Morris: €60
🇲🇿 Mozambique: €40
🇳🇱 Netherlands: €75
🇳🇿 New Zealand: €150
🇳🇬 Nigeria: €55
🇳🇴 Norway: €75
🇴🇲 Oman: €75
🇵🇸 Palestine: €45
🇵🇭 Philippines: €55
🇵🇱 Poland: €75
🇵🇹 Portugal: €75
🇶🇦 Qatar: €75
🇷🇴 Romania: €75
🇷🇺 Russia: €70
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia: €30
🇸🇳 Senegal: €50
🇷🇸 Serbia: €85
🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: €40
🇸🇬 Singapore: €75
🇸🇮 Slovenia: €75
🇸🇰 Slovakia: €75
🇿🇦 South Africa: €80
🇰🇷 South Korea: €50
🇪🇸 Spain: €75
🇸🇩 Sudan: €60
🇸🇪 Sweden: €75
🇨🇭Switzerland: €75
🇸🇾 Syria: Free
🇹🇿 Tanzania: €60
🇹🇭 Thailand: €75
🇹🇳 Tunisia: €45
🇹🇷 Turkey: Free
🇺🇬 Uganda: €100
🇺🇦 Ukraine: €80
🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates: €100
🇺🇿 Uzbekistan: €70
🇻🇪 Venezuela: €45
🇾🇪 Yemen: €40


* Please note that the costs mentioned in the table was announced by Iran MFA in 2018 but may change by the time you arrive at Iran airports. so our recommendation is to have enough cash (as Iran would not accept international cards) in case it is needed.


Kish and Qeshm Islands Visitors

All tourists, except citizens of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somalia, the UK and the US, may stay in Kish Island and Qeshm Island for 14 days or less without obtaining any visa.


Iran Visa on Arrival Duration, Validity and Extension

VOA is usually issued for 14-30 days. It can be extended for a maximum of another 14 days. If you plan to stay longer, it’s better to apply for Iran e-Visa (Visa authorization code).


Good to Know

  • Applying through the Iranian Travel Agencies and having Iran Visa reference number before the trip still the safer way.
  • VOA visa has 14-30 days validity and is issued at international Iranian airports.
  • The Iran Visa on arrival fee is a bit more expensive than the Visa fee you pay to an Iranian Embassy/Consulate.
  • Visa on arrival doesn’t mean that Iran is a visa-free country (its visa free only for a few countries).
  • Iran VOA fee should be paid in cash and in Euros or equivalent USD. No credit or debit card is acceptable at airports.
  • Valid Travel Insurance is often asked at the Airports, be sure you have adequate travel insurance for Iran. Here is some useful information about travel insurance for Iran
  • Ladies are not required to wear a Head Scarf/Islamic Hijab on the ID Photo to apply for an Iran visa on arrival.
  • Airport Visa can only be extended if Iranian Foreign Affair Office finds it necessary. In that case, usually maximum 14 days extension is possible. If you’re planning on staying longer than 30 days, make sure to get your Iranian Visa at the Embassy instead.
  • The American, the British and the Canadian passport holders cannot get the visa on arrival and they can apply for the visa beforehand and visit Iran only within a guided tour.
  • Citizens of Israel are totally banned from entry to Iran.
  • Have you been in Israel and still have a stamp on your passport? Do not risk your trip with VOA visa and apply for a new passport through travel agency and embassy.
  • Getting a Visa on arrival is the easiest way of obtaining an Iran Visa, although not the safest and you may be rejected at the airport.
  • In case your Iran visa on arrival is rejected you will be held the responsibility for the return flight and any other costs.
  • Travelers who have been rejected for Iran visa previously will not receive Iran visa on arrival.
  • You are planning to enter Iran overland, you will have to pick up your visa at the embassy and you will have to mention which embassy at the application,
  • Iran visas can now be issued on a paper for most nationalities, and your passport does not get stamps when entering/exiting Iran.
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Good to Know:

  • Visa on arrival doesn’t mean that Iran is a visa-free country (It’s visa free only for a few countries).
  • Airport visa can only be extended if Iranian Foreign Affair Office finds it necessary. In that case, usually maximum 14 day’s extension is possible.
  • If you’re planning on staying longer than 30 days, make sure to get your Iranian visa at the Embassy instead.

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