Caspian Green Path

Caspian Green Path

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10 Day's - 9 Night's



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Salam and welcome to the land mystery, contrast, history and hospitality. Take this trip to Iran to gain insights to this fascinating country. Marvel at the stunning landscapes, lofty mountains and gleaming deserts. Get ready to meet friendly people and build genuine friendships with them. Most of all, be prepared to have your heart stolen, if this is your first trip, you will want to return again and again.

Duration: 10 Days
Destinations: Tehran, Chalus, Ramsar, Lahijan, Bandar Anzali, Masuleh, Masal, Sarein, Ardabil,

Tour Itinerary

Short Brief of Daily Activities
- Arriving in IKA Airport,
- Your guide will meet you at the Airport,
- We will transfer to hotel for rest,
- Overnight in Tehran,
Daily Activity in Details
Salam! Welcome to Iran. you are in Tehran now, Iran's capital is exciting, noisy and chaotic, upon your arrival, you will be assist by driver and will be transfer to your hotel, /ON Tehran/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We begin our full day tour of Chalus,
- We will drive to Chalus, (200 KM - 4:30 Hours)

- En route visit below places,
  • Chalus Road,

- Overnight in Chalus,

Daily Activity in Details
After breakfast we’ll drive along the “Chalus Road” to Chalus, the Road passes through many canyon sides and it is one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Iran. It is also famous as canyon road among travelers and is marked as the top 20 most beautiful roads in the world. For those who have traveled on this road it is not strange to see Chalus on this list. Chalus Road displays a unique landscape and spectacular view; thus, it is mobbed with passengers during holidays. Millions of travelers throughout the year take this route not only to enjoy the spectacular landscape but also to enjoy the road as much as the destination. /ON Chalus/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We we will drive to Ramsar, (85 KM - 2:20 Hours)
- We begin our full day tour of Ramsar

- Visit below places in Ramsar,
  • Ramsar,

- Overnight in Ramsar,

Daily Activity in Details
Morning drive to Ramsar and spend the day exploring the cultural-natural landscape of Ramsar to discover the richness of this Iranian city. It is famous among Iranians as the bride of the cities of Iran. Due to its economic, social and impressive nature, it is also an attractive city for tourism. In this city, there are natural springs containing sulfur. The water of the springs is carbonated and, from the perspective of traditional Iranian medicine, it has a therapeutic effect. Many travelers visit Ramsar to benefit from the traditional medicine feature of the spa. The city’s gondola lift offers a wide view of nature by passing over a lush natural forest that covers the mountains. The gondola lift passes a distance of two kilometers long, extending from the coast of the Caspian Sea to the high mountain peaks. By this gondola lift, you will fly over the city. Here, in the evening have some time near beach. /ON Ramsar/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We begin our full day tour of Ramsar,

- Visit below places in Ramsar,
  • Javaherdeh Village,

- Overnight in Ramsar,

Daily Activity in Details
Our adventure starts in earnest today as we head southwest of Ramsar. Javaherdeh Village in Ramsar is one of the dreamiest villages in Iran, a village with rugged and colorful houses and charming views. From Ramsar to Javaherdeh Village where you go, the airy atmosphere and the lush green roads are the first things that catch your eyes. On this way there is a pleasant river that has created beautiful scenery. At the end of this way and at an altitude of two thousand meters above sea level, the village of Javaherdeh appears that attracts many people due to its coolness in the summer. If you will be lucky, you'll see the fog and the images that clouds make over the village. Part of the refreshing weather of Javaheri Village is owed to its waterfalls and springs, where the flowing waters from the rocks and mosses open their way to the village and give a new life to this nature. /ON Ramsar/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We will drive to Bandar Anzali, (210 KM - 3:20 Hours)
- We begin our full day tour of Bandar Anzali,

- Visit below places in Bandar Anzali,
  • Anzali Bazaar,
  • Anzali Lagoon,

- Overnight in Bandar Anzali,

Daily Activity in Details
In the morning we’ll start our trip to Bandar Anzali, a free trade zone harbor town near Rasht, (the capital of Gilan province) on the scenic road Heyran among mists and spectacular views of the green mountains. After arrival in the small and beautiful town near Caspian Sea, we take a look at the popular Anzali Bazaar. In the evening we will have the opportunity to observe various species of fish, birds, and plants in the world's largest freshwater Anzali lagoon. It is a coastal lagoon, in the Caspian Sea close to the Port of Anzali known as a good place for bird watching. /ON Bandar Anzali/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We will drive to Fuman, (70 KM - 1:40 Hours)
- We begin our full day tour of Fuman & Masuleh,

- Visit below places in Fuman & Masuleh,
  • Roudkhan Castle,
  • Masuleh Village,

- Overnight in Masuleh Village,

Daily Activity in Details
This morning a short drive takes us to one of the most magnificent historical buildings in Iran, Roudkhan Castle (with an area of 2.6 hectares). It is a military complex which had been built during the Sassanid era (224-651), and later reconstructed during the Seljuq period by followers of the Ismaili sect. Due to the natural mountainous features, it was possible to build the castle on two tips of a mountain. Then drive to Masuleh Village, en route visiting Fuman (the capital of Fuman County, located in Gilan Province) Masuleh Village is one of the most popular traditional villages in the north of Iran. With its unique architecture, the buildings are interconnected and have been built into the mountain. The Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. No vehicle or motor is permitted to enter the city. It is the only village in Iran with such a prohibition. Most of the houses are painted yellow to make them visible in the foggy days of the mountain. Masuleh is also a great favorite of foreign tourists and the most photographed villages in Iran. We will walk in the city where local people sell their handicrafts. Based on your preference, we can overnight in a local house or at a hotel, dinner will be in a local restaurant or in hotel, /ON Masuleh Village/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We begin our full day tour of Masal,
- We we will drive to Masal,
(50 KM - 1.20 Hours)

- Visit below places in Masal,
  • Olsabalangah Village,

- Overnight in Masal,

Daily Activity in Details
Today leaving the Masuleh village, we will drive towards the untouched Masal. Olsabalangah Village in Masal is a heavenly village in north of Iran with its green outlook on the side of wooden houses, the road to the village of Olasabangah is filled with twisted and crowded trees that bring you into stories and dreams. You are going to love this place as the beauty will overwhelm you and makes you forget about the time. Tonight you will rest in a wooden cottage. /ON Masal/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We begin our half day tour of Masal,
- We we will drive to Sarein,
(50 KM - 1.20 Hours)

- Visit below places in Sarein,
  • Sarein Springs,

- Overnight in Sarein,

Daily Activity in Details
When you get up in the morning you see yourselves up on the clouds. You will experience an interesting sightseeing as you do some trekking and surround yourself with waterfalls, which is what the city is famous for. You will depart to Sarein, with an en-route at the Poonel jungle and other attraction on the way. We reach to Sarein city 25 kilometers away from Ardabil at evening. Sarein Springs are near an inactive volcano in Mount Sabalan and its water contains Sulphur particles and it is believed that it is good for bone and joint pains. The word Sarein in the Persian dictionary means “Spring’s Outlet”. You can enjoy bathing there. /ON Sarein/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We will drive to Ardabil, (30 KM - 40 Minutes)
- We begin our half day tour of Ardabil,

- Visit below places in Ardabil,
  • Monument of Sheikh Safieddin Ardabili,
  • Museum of Anthropology,
  • Ardabil Bazaar,

- Flight to Tehran at evening, (1.20 Hours)
- Overnight in Tehran,

Daily Activity in Details
This morning we visit the highlights of Ardabil which is known for its trade in silk and carpets. We start with The Monument of Sheikh Safieddin Ardabili which is one of the historical and valuable places of Ardabil. This worthy and historic place was registered in the UNESCO world heritage list in 2010 and was made by using traditional Iranian architecture. A variety of areas such as the library, mosque, school, tank, hospital, kitchen, bakery and several offices were established in it. In addition to the monument of Sheikh Safi din Ardabili, shrine of shah Ismail 1 (The first Safavid king) is located in this complex, too. Then, we will go to Ardabil Bazaar to find different kinds of dry fruit like apricot, plum, peach, sour cherry, and saffron rock sugar and as we are close to Caspian Sea where you can try smoky dry fishes. Next, we visit Museum of Anthropology, where you can feel the richness of Iranian art, architecture and history gathered in this museum. Ardabil museum of archeology is one of the most equipped and beautiful technical museums in Iran in terms of architecture and atmosphere. This museum displays 1-million-year-old history and civilization of Iran, which the experts consider it as the oldest history of archeological discoveries of the country. At evening you will have a short flight to Tehran, /ON Tehran/
Short Brief of Daily Activities

- After breakfast,
- Your guide will meet you at the hotel,
- We begin our full day tour of Tehran,

- Visit below places in Tehran,
  • Golestan Palace,
  • Grand Bazar,
  • Nation Museum of Iran,
  • Jewelry Museum,
  • Azadi Tower,

- Transfer to international airport,

Daily Activity in Details
Today we will go on a full day tour of the Capital, by photographing the UNESCO heritage site, Golestan Palace The lavish Golestan Palace is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, embodying the successful integration of earlier Persian crafts and architecture with Western influences. Built around a garden featuring pools as well as planted areas, then walking distance is the Grand Bazaar with its maze of bustling alleys and bazars. Next, you will visit National Museum of Iran, where you will find fabulous historical items from 5000 BC to the advent of Islam in Iran which shows brief history of our land. We will have lunch at an Iranian style restaurant, after that we proceed to visit the most dazzling collection of gemstones and jewelry known in the world located in the heart of the city. The Crown Jewels of Iran have been little more than a legend in the past. The Treasury of Iranian National Royal Jewels accommodates the world's most precious jewelry collection. The treasury has an interesting history, going back centuries. Next, on the way to international airport we will find time to save some shots for the symbol of city, Azadi Tower, the tower means freedom, group will be transferred to IKA airport. Hope see you in Persia Again.


✔ Visit Tehran's Archaeological Museum
✔ Explore the historicas sites of Yazd
✔ Stop to see cave dwellings in Maymand
✔ Explore the Iran's architectural gem, Isfahan


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Itinerary Summary

Date Itinerary Summary
Day 1 Arrival in Tehran
Day 2 Tehran: Chalus
Day 3 Chalus: Ramsar
Day 4 Ramsar: Javaherdeh Ramsar
Day 5 Ramsar: Lahijan Bandar Anzali
Day 6 Bandar Anzali: Rudkhan Castle Masuleh
Day 7 Masuleh: Masal
Day 8 Masal: Sarein
Day 9 Sarein: Ardabil Tehran
Day 10 Tehran: Full Day City Tour IKA

Tour Facts

Tour Code 1009TPTO-Standard
Activity Adventure– Sightseeing
Accommodation 2 Night – Hotel in Tehran
1 Night – Hotel in Chalus
2 Night – Chalus in Ramsar
1 Night – Hotel in Bandar Anzali
1 Night – Local's House or Hotel in Masuleh
1 Night – Wooden Cottage or Hotel in Masal
1 Night – Hotel in Sarein
Transport Air conditioned Bus-Minibus-Car/Flight
Meals B – 10 | L – 10 | D – 0
Service Includes • All airport transfers,
• Accommodation in 4* Hotels,
• Meals as mentioned above,
• Full-time Vehicle for all transports,
• Domestic flight Tehran to Shiraz,
• Refreshments,
• All mentioned sightseeing fees,
• Experienced English speaking guide,
• Visa support & reference code,
• Local Sim per room,
• Booklet with information on attractions,
Service Excludes • International airfare,
• Visa stamp fee,
• Travel Insurance,
• Tips & Portages,


City Hotel Website
Tehran Parsian Enghelab
Chalus Parsian Khazar
Ramsar Parsian Ramsar
Bandar Anzali Dolphin
Masuleh Local's House or Hotel
Masal Cottage or Hotel
Sarein Royal Park

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  • All airport transfers
  • Accommodation in 2* hotels with breakfast
  • 4 VIP Public bus tickets to transfer between the cities:
    • Tehran, Kashan
    • Tehran, Kashan
  • Private-driver guides for day tours and desert trips
  • Domestic flight Tehran to Shiraz
  • 1 Private driver for Hormuz
  • Visa support & reference code

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